It’s something that every human being has probably felt at some time during their life. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a crowd or surrounded by friends or family, and it doesn’t care what your status in life is.  It’s loneliness, and in this episode we look at WHO is the only Friend who can fill that empty place. Click to view here, or on the video above.  You can read the script here.

There is a recurring theme voiced by so many lately, and that theme is hopelessness. Were you surprised and unprepared for living life cut off from social interaction? Are you facing a crisis or crippling loss because of the current situation? If you are trying to cope with loss, fear, or hopelessness, this episode is for you! Click here, or on the video above, to learn ways to turn on hope.  Or read the printed script here.

Are you struggling with quarantining, sheltering in place, infection rates, death tolls, and the misery of all the trouble that this pandemic has brought? In my first blogcast, I bring you some encouraging words to fill your heart with calm and rest for your fevered spirit. I invite you to join me here to banish fears and unlock your peace. 

Or you can read the printed version here.

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