how do i pray? 5 prime times when you should pray; prayer series 3, blogcast episode 10

Do you beat yourself over the head with the Devil’s accusations that say YOU aren’t righteous enough, your prayers aren’t being heard, your faith is too weak, you aren’t that important to God, or that your prayers are insignificant? If you feel like your prayers are never good enough, powerful enough, or just enough, or if you’ve wondered what it would look like to “pray without ceasing,” you need to watch the newest video, 5 Prime Times When You Should Pray.   ​This episode tackles the question many Christians silently wonder: When should I pray, or how do I pray unceasingly? I discuss the powerful WHENS of prayer, and why they all weave a beautiful, strong picture of praying without ceasing.  You will find out not only WHEN is a good time to pray, but how important it is to build your faith and relationship with God through a strong, consistent, and unceasing prayer life.

how do i pray? 4 powerful reasons for developing your prayer life; prayer series 2, blogcast episode 9

Are you struggling with a less than mighty prayer life? Is your motivation not up to par? Maybe you’re just not feeling it. If it seems hard to really get your back into your prayers, my friend, I can relate. My prayers were feeble, out of focus, and they often felt like an exercise in futility. When I understood what prayer should accomplish, it really motivated me, and gave me a much clearer vision of what a powerful prayer life should look like. I’m still working on my own development, but I needed to make sure I shared these 4 Powerful Reasons for Developing Your Prayer Life with you right away. I think it will give you a “shot in the arm” in your daily prayer time to understand how these four keys can transform your prayer from puny to powerful!


Is your prayer time daunting to you? Does it seem complicated to pray effectively? If you’re like me, sometimes prayer time can be intimidating! You might feel you’re just praying the same things over and over, or think your prayers are not worthy of being heard. Perhaps you are trying to establish a consistent prayer and devotional routine and don’t really know how or what to pray. Whatever your particular prayer challenge, this new prayer series will help answer some of those questions. In this first blogcast of the series, How Do I Pray? 7 Uncomplicated Keys to Effective Prayer, I address some of the most foundational aspects of prayer.

Comfort for troubled hearts - 12 ways the shepherd cares for your life part 4, blogcast episode 7

What are you struggling with? Is there a pesky, vexing or exasperating nuisance that disrupts your goals, keeps you awake, steals your joy, or just flat makes you mad? Your Shepherd has a cure for what bugs you! In episode 7 we talk about antidotes, selflessness, and home security. Find your dose of comfort and relief now in Comfort for Troubled Hearts – 12 Ways the Shepherd Cares for Your Life, part 4. Click on episode 7 above, or here to view.

Comfort for troubled hearts - 12 ways the shepherd cares for your life part 3, blogcast episode 6

Valleys can be fearful, dangerous and lonely places. When you find yourself navigating through the dark night of your soul, you just want it to be over; you want someone to help you get to the sunshine and high ground. This third part of the Psalm 23 series will look in detail  at more ways the Shepherd guides, shelters, and protects His sheep THROUGH the valleys, and on to higher ground and safer pastures.  Click on episode 6 above, or view here.

Comfort for troubled hearts - 12 ways the shepherd cares for your life part 2, blogcast episode 5

Trying to figure out how to avoid life’s pitfalls and stay out of trouble can sometimes prove to be a continuous struggle. Do you wrestle constantly with temptation or worry? The Shepherd wants to lead you into places of goodness and plenty. In this episode we continue to seek out more beautiful threads in the Psalm 23 tapestry that show His immeasurable provision. Click on episode 5 above, or watch here.

Comfort for troubled hearts - 12 ways the shepherd cares for your life part 1, blogcast episode 4

If you’re feeling a little lost in the world, abandoned or helpless because of the events that are crashing in on you, let me help you see the Shepherd who can provide comfort, direction, and provision. Beginning in this episode we will examine the tapestry of Psalm 23 that shows a beautiful picture of the Shepherd’s care for us. Click on episode 4 above or here to view.

It’s something that every human being has probably felt at some time during their life. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a crowd or surrounded by friends or family, and it doesn’t care what your status in life is.  It’s loneliness, and in this episode we look at WHO is the only Friend who can fill that empty place. Click to view here, or on the video above. 

There is a recurring theme voiced by so many lately, and that theme is hopelessness. Were you surprised and unprepared for living life cut off from social interaction? Are you facing a crisis or crippling loss because of the current situation? If you are trying to cope with loss, fear, or hopelessness, this episode is for you! Click here, or on the video episode 2 above, to learn ways to turn on hope. 

Are you struggling with quarantining, sheltering in place, infection rates, death tolls, and the misery of all the trouble that this pandemic has brought? In my first blogcast, I bring you some encouraging words to fill your heart with calm and rest for your fevered spirit. I invite you to join me here to banish fears and unlock your peace.  Click on episode 1 above or read the printed version here.

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