Getting Started

Inspired Yet? Just Wait, There’s More….

Here it is! The official re-launch of my blog.

I’m excited and scared out of my wits. Excited because a part of me knows there is great potential in this – potential to grow as a writer, potential to find and/or expand my other gifts, potential to inspire people, to be inspired, to make friends, to earn income. Scared witless because I’m not sure of myself. Not sure of my ability to develop this blogging enterprise, and scared of my own shadow, basically. Does that sound awful? It does to me.

The big struggle.

Part of me (Ms. Youdontknownuthin) is saying, “Don’t be ridiculous! Who’s going to want to read your blog? Who’s going to be interested in anything you put out there? Look, your first attempt at blogging ended in a – well, let’s just say it was a flop.”

But wait, my other self (Ms. Youcandoit) is saying “I had a lot of really good POSTS on my first blog, New Every Morning. I just didn’t know how to market myself.” Check it out.

My book for kids, The Crooked Manger, written under my pen name, Mayre Bosworth

Ms. Youdontknownuthin: Well, look at your book, The Crooked Manger. Sales are in the tank. It never really got off the ground.

Ms. Youcandoit: It’s a great book! People should get it and read it to their kids. I think they’d love it. Get it HERE. And while I’m at it, you, Ms. Youdontknownuthin can kiss my grits! I CAN do this! There are so many things I do know that I can share with people. I didn’t get to be this age on my looks alone, thankyouverymuch! Just because I haven’t got a blog full of ideas yet doesn’t mean I won’t get there eventually. Nobody ever started out full grown. I am proud of what I’ve written in the past. There are folks who will get some inspiration from those posts, just like they will from what is welling up within me now and in the future for this new endeavor. I’m full of words, ideas, plans, and dreams that just haven’t made themselves known yet.


I can do this, and I have a Helper who is stronger, greater, smarter and wants me to succeed at this more than I could ever want it myself. I trust Him, and from His limitless wellspring will come the thoughts, words, and gifts that will be extended to my readers to give hope, help, joy, and encouragement they need for their lives.

And that, my friend, is the why of this blog. To pass on hope in the form of a little life, a little inspiration, and a little focus. Welcome!


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